Full disclosure: This social Saturday post and Rounding Third podcast is really about introducing you to my best good friend, William Lang. He and I have known each other since 2002, but it took awhile for us to become friends. The first six or seven months we knew each other, I was a complete jerk to him. What changed? As I’ve discussed several times, Lang listened, accepted me, and helped me. He took a chance.

Today, he’s joining me to discuss friendship, what it means to him, why it’s difficult to maintain, and how we’ve managed to stay friends for so long even though we’re thousands of miles apart and rarely see each other. That probably explains itself, doesn’t it?

First, I’m sharing all of these photos because this was a significant time in my life. I would say probably the most significant for many reasons. It was 2003 and we were both deployed to Kuwait in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. I’m not saying that means we smoked a lot of cigarettes outside in the heat, but we did.

The next set of photos is post-Army. Lang came to visit me when I was living in Amarillo and going to school in Canyon in 2010. In 2017, I went and visited him in Florida.

I apologize for the ice making so much noise in my cup. Horses were in the back. I can’t apologize for the thunder outside.

Lang on friendship, floodplains, Florida, and freestyle rap . . .
It was that date, but it was before PLDC

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