Manic Monday

La Jolla, California

I’ve been absent for a bit. It wasn’t on purpose. I decided to make some changes and they’re pretty significant. I bought a domain,, in case I want to do profiles on veterans and they let me. I’ve wanted to write profiles about people to share their stories with the world. I see a lot of greatness in people that goes unnoticed and a lot of diversity, too. When I think about the veteran community, I think there’s more to us than what some people think. For every Chris Kyle, there’s a me. For every me, there’s a Jimi Hendrix. For every Jimi, there’s a Forrest Gump. You get what I’m saying, right? We are multitudes. We’re gay, straight, young, and old. We’re atheist, Christian, Muslim, and more.

Fifteen years ago, I wanted to petition Oprah to help my best friend and me start a record label for talented soldiers. Think about that. It was to be called Government Issued Records because we lacked the creativity to see outside of ourselves, but that’s what happens sometimes to people in the military. We bought in, but didn’t all the way. Why? We got out. That’s why we’re veterans. Our time ended.

I couldn’t decide if valor was the appropriate word. When we use the word, we typically refer to things above and beyond just service, right? But maybe service is valor today. Or not. That’s the thing. Not all veterans are good people. We don’t have jails and confinement facilities on posts for no reason. If I were to paint a true portrait of veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces, or military services, I would need to include those of us in jail or prison and those of us who are addicted to drugs; those of us who are homeless and those of us who are filthy rich.

Speaking of homelessness and income. I’m selling my home and hitting the road. I was going to stay in Texas and travel to small towns like Bob Phillips in Texas Country Reporter, but I’m thinking it’s time to scratch an itch. In 2011, I drove across the country to California with two friends for another friend’s wedding. I fell in love with San Diego. I’ve been back twice since then and each time I’m there, I want to stay. So I’m going to California. I don’t know that a new life will be better than my old life, but I’m going to give it a try. I’m going to be creative, social, and active. I’m going to try to get back into the classroom and remember why I’m doing it. I’m even going to look for love. What I won’t be looking for is comfortable. First World problem, I know, but I’ve been way too comfortable the past 37 years.

So, we haven’t blogged or recorded a podcast this past week and we, meaning me, have sold most of our stuff. The rest is in storage. I’m excited and wanted to wait until I was on the shore to post a video telling you guys I moved, but I don’t need to. The truth is that while this hasn’t paid and can’t be my full-time gig, I enjoy writing and reading. I enjoy recording podcasts. I like sharing stories I hear. I want to get better at it. So that’s what I’m going to do. It probably won’t be daily (Joseph’s got to work), but neither will it be never.

I hope you’re all good. Wish me luck.

La Jolla, California

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